My Favorite iPhone Cases For The Money….

Just wanted to list a few of my favorite iPhone cases that I have used over the years. I have had an iPhone since well I think the first iPhone. What was that 10 years ago???? Anyways so I have spent a lot of money and I like to protect my there is no better way to do this than with an iPhone case. One of my favorite phone cases is the Otterbox….ya I know they are bulky and ugly but they really do the job at the end of the day. Dust protection, scratch protection, drop protection, kid protection, dog protection….you see where I am going. Recently Otterbox has come out with some skinnier / slimmer cases that look not so bulky and big. The Otterbox is a great case that will protect your phone until the new one comes and you have to upgrade…well you don’t have to upgrade but everyone loves the latest and greatest. Check out Otterbox here.

Another case that I like that is similar to the Otterbox is the LifeProof case. They were the guys that came out with the first case that was waterproof. Not that water “resistant” crap. They have some nice designs that won’t break the bank that provides good protection. Plenty of designs and lots of models you won’t be disappointed with them either. Check them out here.

I don’t know about you guys but I seem to really only use credit cards and hardly ever have cash anymore. I usually only carry my ID and my credit cards…and of course my phone. With that in mind, I think the wallet iPhone cases are great. There are so many different brands and models out there though. Below is a great leather iPhone case by iPulse that provides great protection and has the ability to hold your credit cards, money, and ID’s. Another great case is located here.

There really are way to many different cases out there to discuss all of my favorite and which ones I have used. I probably have had 20 different cases over the years. The Otterbox however is probably the ugliest thing known to man but heck it has worked for me great! A web site called has a good article on some more different cases if you want to read some more.

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